Tools and Tech.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been training dogs since before I was born the right technology can save you a lot hours per week... giving you more time to do what you love, like training your own dogs!

Make showing up on social media simple. Let automated funnels help you to grow your email list. Save time with project management software. Keep your diary full and organised with an online booking system.

 The possibilities are endless... the real trick is knowing the right ones and how to make the most of them.

I promise that everything I share below is something I have tried and tested myself. Everything tool is something I currently use in my own business, or with my 121 clients.

Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. However, none of the fees of these resources have been increased to compensate me and many of the tools come with special discounts and trials.  


Project management software to keep track of all the moving parts in your professional and personal life. Asana is like my second brain and keeps me organised and on top of the never ending to do list.


Calendly is an online booking system which will allow students to book and pay for (depending what level subscription to choose) their 121 training sessions without having to go back and forth with dates and times. It can also be used if you rent out your field.


Canva is the ultimate design tool for non-designers. It’s user-friendly and the free version gives you access to most features. Use Canva to create shareable social media images, cover photos, even video thumbnails. In no time, you'll be on your way to building a memorable online brand.


One of the quickest ways to work out how to claw back your precious time is to work out where you are spending it. Harvest is modern time tracking software – for less effort, more joy, and improved profitability.

Last Pass

Never forget a password again. If you’re guilty of using the same password or worse still having them written down on paper, it’s time to get a password manager. My favorite is LastPass, which also allows me to securely share sensitive information (such a social media logins, etc.) with contractors and freelancers.


An all in one course and membership creation, delivery and marketing platform.
Everything you need from course creation, membership hosting, marketing funnels, email automation to community without needing to hire designers, developers or marketers.