Tech For Trainers with Victoria M Rose

A monthly membership to help force free dog trainers harness the power of marketing and technology to grow and scale their business.

Discover the systems to cut down your admin and strategically automate your marketing, so that you can focus on helping owners train their pets using only the best R+ methods.

As a self-employed dog trainer you know there are so many different hats to wear in your business.

Admin, bookkeeper, customer services, ethical trainer, marketing manager, marriage counsellor, receptionist, tech support – it can all be frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting.

Even if we isolate marketing, with all the social media platforms and features you need to be using, all the email marketing tools you need to learn, and all the website updates you need to do, it’s hard to keep up.

If you’re like most of my other Tech For Trainers members:

  • you want to grow and scale your business so that you can help more pet owners train using only ethical methods, with no fear, force or pain;
  • you want to be able to invest more time in CPD and training your own animals so that you can go out and enjoy spending time working and/or compete with them. 
  • you want your training business to work for you, not the other way around. 

But you already feel overwhelmed, stressed out and on the edge of burnout. 

And chances are you have already been asking yourself, how long can I keep this up? 

Did I really quit my corporate job, to be just as stressed out?

When there are already not enough hours in the day, how do I scale my business?  

If I cannot expand my training skills, how will I be able to provide better services to my clients? 

If I cannot increase take on more clients and increase sales, how will I be able to afford my dream home, save for retirement or support my family?  

And I am guessing that when you signed up to be a force free trainer it wasn’t to spend hours in front of your computer replying to emails, arranging and rearranging bookings, coming up with ideas and creating the content to promote your classes on social media, or painstakingly updating your website.

🤯 Am I right? Then it’s time to do things differently.

Some trainers think that the answering is outsourcing – which means more hats (management and HR), more meetings, more outgoings and less profits, which then requires even more clients!

But the truth is that there is so much more you can do yourself – if you just have the right systems and strategies in place.

✅ With the right systems in your business, you could save up to two work hours per day…

✅ With the right strategies in place, you’ll find that creating marketing content which converts into more sales is a breeze…

When you build a business without solid systems or strategies in place, the results can be devastating. Your growth outpaces your ability to keep up, You can't scale. you risk burning out. and you could even fall out of love with ethical animal training.

Introducing Tech For Trainers

The monthly membership designed to teach force free trainers the key marketing tactics they need to implement and how to use technology to take control of business admin and content creation so they can teach more owners, scale their business, make more money, and still find plenty of time to train their own animals.

In the membership you will…

  • Discover how to manage your time more effectively.
  • Get access to my proven process to help you centralise your to do list, so that you can get more done in less time.
  • Learn the secret to creating scroll stopping, sales boosting social media content.
  • Understand how to fill your 121 training slots without having to speak to clients.
  • Discover the quickest and easiest way to increase your profits.
  • Learn the TRUTH about using memberships to scale your business.
  • …Plus, much, much more. 

The Steps to Success...

Helping you go from where you are right now, to where you want to be. This framework underpins the membership and is designed to stop you from being overwhelmed by all the things you could be working on in your business.

Simply check which stage you are right now, tick off the milestone tasks provided in the members area, move up to next level, and repeat.

It doesn't matter where you are starting from, or which stage you want to end up at, the teachings and tools in Tech For Trainers will support you on your journey.

Stage One


You are now an accredited force free trainer. You have set up your business and have just started working with your first clients. You are now excited to develop your brand, build your social media audience, and put some solid foundations in place.

Stage Two


You are now looking to grow your business. You will be thinking about your sales funnel - the journey people take from finding out about you to becoming a paying client - and how you can fill it and move people through it efficiently.

Stage three


Your audience, client base and reputation are growing steadily. You might be overwhelmed by inquiries, paperwork, and demanding clients, so you are looking for ways to tweak and fine-tune your systems and implement more automations.

Stage four


You're now at capacity, are well established, and consistently reach your goal monthly income. Worried about burnout, you are now conscious that your time is limited, and so you are looking for ways to help more pet owners without having to work more hours.

Stage Five


You have the training business you always dreamt of. You want to stay ahead of the latest marketing trends and maintain your position as an expert. You are looking for bigger ways to spread the word about force free training and further expand your following.

When you join Tech For Trainers today you will get instant access to:

A library of tutorials

You want to learn more about business, marketing, social media and time management, but I know you don’t have HOURS to spend watching tutorial videos. These bitesize videos will take you through the essentials so you can get up and running without faffing around on your laptop or phone.

30 social media prompts

To help you come up with scroll stopping content including fill-in-the-gaps templates for your feed, ideas and audio for Instagram reels, conversation starters for your Facebook Group, and engagement boosting ideas for your stories and lives, so that you can fill your classes, workshops and 121s in no time.


Tech For Trainers members will have access to a private community to talk about all things business, social media, technology, and anything related to the promotion of reinforcement-based training methods. A client-free zone where you can guarantee you’ll be surrounded by likeminded trainers.


Every month there will be one 60-min clicker training session where I'll take you and your fellow TFT members “click by click” through a marketing / time saving / or tech process you're struggling to get your head around. You'll be able to pre-submit your questions if you can't attend live and these recordings will appear in the member's hub.


When it comes to marketing and staying on top of your to-do-list, consistency and accountability are KEY… which is why I host these 40-min get ‘sit’ done sessions. These co-working sessions will be held on Zoom, with a debrief at the end to celebrate what you've achieved.

Private 121 Zoom Calls

Like with dog training, group classes are great but sometimes you just need a little 121 support.

All members will be entitled to book 1 x 40 min calls per month. These sessions will allow you to ask me questions specific to your business admin, tech and marketing strategy.

What my members said...

I've been a member of Tech for Trainers for a few months now, and Victoria is just the best. She's helpful, supportive and will go out of her way to help you in any way she can.

She keeps on top of the latest trends in social media and technology, which is great if you're wanting your training business to grow.

She gives you the confidence you need to get out there and try new social media ideas; for me, it was doing reels which I had been putting off for ages.

Lindsay Hermann

Paws & Play Gundogs

Victoria of Tech for Trainers has helped me enormously with my marketing and use of social media.

For me she has demystified the tech and found ways to speed up workflows which in turn has meant I’ve spent less time In the office and more time helping clients.

Having a marketer with a personal interest in positive dog training is indeed a rare find and I would recommend her services to all my fellow canine professionals.

Jill Thorpe

Develop Your Dog

Tech for Trainers has really help me sort through the feeling of overwhelm when looking at what technology and social media is of value to me and my business.

Victoria is really supportive and able to break things down into a format I can understand!

Emma Dufty

The Dog Academy
Crazy Cocker Club

Click and be rewarded!

I love clicker training, which is why when you click below and sign up to Tech For Trainers today, I’m going to throw in some extra goodies for you.

Every month TFT will help you get to grips with technology which will help save you time and make you more money, so that you can spend less time staring at a screen, and more time out on the training field.

But that is only the beginning…

When it comes to business admin and marketing, the first thing dog trainers tell me is that they simply don’t have enough hours in the day.

So, let’s fix that first! 

JOINING BONUS (worth £147):

When you invest in Tech For Trainers you will get an exclusive 40-min kick off call with me. 

Imagine just how much easier it will be to make the most of the membership with a detailed action plan of things to do in the first month, and a list of the essential tutorial replays which will make the most impact for your individual business.

Over Zoom we will:

  • talk about where you are along the Steps to Success, and where you would like your business to be in the next 12 months.
  • look briefly at your social media and how you can make the most of the 30 social media prompts and templates.
  • discuss the most important masterclass and tutorial replays for you to watch and implement. 
  • make a list of the tools and tech you need to put in place which will immediately help you set up solid systems and automations.


When you join Tech For Trainers as an annual member you will be able to book a free social media audit to assess your baseline, opportunities for growth and what can be done to improve your overall social presence.

This will include a detailed audit report of up to two of your current social channels for you to keep. Along with a 30-minute 121 meeting with me, where I will talk you through my recommendations.

The audit will cover:

  • first impressions.
  • content review.
  • detailed recommendations.
  • feedback session.

Join Tech For Trainers Today....

It’s really a no-brainer. Why? Because the 30 social media templates alone will save you having to hire a social media manager, which cost between £400-£500 per month.

FACT: I have invested £40,000 in my education and CPD.

While there is always more to learn, it is safe to say, that I have a sound understanding of everything relating to PR, marketing, social media, systems and time management.

Over the years, I have learnt about email list and audience building, membership launches and retention, time management systems, how to create killer sales pages, social media management, Facebook Ads management, how to shift your mindset, and much, much more.

Having a full book of happy clients (some of which have been with me since day one of my business) it is also safe to say that I have a sound understanding of how to put this knowledge into practice – what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

When you join Tech For Trainers today, you’ll be able to access nearly a decade’s experience of PR, marketing, and social media each and every week. And what’s more, you'll get to take everything I teach forward with you in your business.

One of the mistakes most animal trainers make when it comes to their marketing is to just outsource it to someone who “knows what they’re doing”.  

And while I get results for my done-for-you clients, it's because I know their businesses inside and out, and I understand what their ideal client is thinking because I am my clients’ client…  

Outsourcing your marketing and social media management may help you to claw back some time, but it will not guarantee you any long term results.

And, if you are working with someone who doesn’t understand the ethical animal training scene like we do, it could cause you more headaches in correcting copy!

So, let me ask you…
... if there is no one who knows your business better than you;
... if there is no one more passionate about growing your business than you;
... then wouldn’t it be safer, smarter, more cost effective and future proof to simply learn how to do it yourself, at a fraction of the cost?

🧐 Test drive for 30 days

Hopefully by now you understand exactly how my Tech For Trainers membership will help you to revolutionise the way you run and promote your force free training business.  

You want in.  

But, like most business owners I know, I also understand that it’s highly likely that you have been burnt in the past by business and marketing gurus.

By other online course providers who promised you the moon on a stick, took your cash and then expected you to ‘get on’ with their programme with very little direct support from them.  

Right now, I can only give you my word and tell you that I have designed this membership to ensure that this is not going to happen here. Which is why you can cancel your subscription at any time.  

And if you still have a bit of doubt, I want you to know that I am ALSO including a 30-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

Which means that if for any reason you realise that Tech For Trainers is not what you were expecting, if it is not what you need in your business right now, or if you don’t like my style of teaching, all you have to do is email me within 30 days of signing up and I will gladly give you all of your money back, cancel your ongoing membership subscription and thank you for giving it a go.  

Why would I do this? Because you shouldn’t have to pay for something that isn’t right for you or your business.

And I’m so convinced of how awesome this membership is going to be that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. That’s how much I believe in Tech For Trainers.

You now have a choice.

The first choice is to do nothing. As you already know, if you choose nothing, then nothing changes.

12 months from now you will still be pulling your hair out trying to work out: who you can turn to for business advice, what to post on social media, where your next stream of clients is coming from, when is the right time to increase your prices, and why your online booking system isn’t working.  

BUT if you already know that you want to grow your business, if you want to be help more owners train using ethical, force free methods, if you would rather be spending your time training animals, knowing that you have the right tech, tools and strategies in place to effectively market, run and scale you training business then join me inside Tech For Trainers today.

And start your transformation to becoming the successful ethical training instructor you know you were meant to be.  

Don't miss out in the chance to transform yourself, your dog training business, and your life. You CAN do it. With the right strategy, with the right tech and tools, with the right support you can make a tremendous impact on the world of training while also making plenty of money! So, join me, and let me help you grow and scale the business of your dreams. 

Ready to join me? Sign up for Tech For Trainers now...

And because I actually give a FAQ...

Here are your most popular questions, answered…

Have a pressing question you need answered before becoming a Tech For Trainers member? Below is a list of the most common questions I get asked. If for some reason you don’t see your question, please reach out to me via email (


For me, an ethical dog trainer is one who trains without using aversives, correction, fear, pain or intimidation. If you consider yourself to be a balanced or traditional trainer, this membership is not right for you.

If you use any of the following articles / methods in your training, this membership is not right for you.

Prohibited Articles:
Prong or spike collars
Check/choke chains or half-check/choke chains
Electric shock, or high frequency sound or buzzing devices which apply an aversive stimulus such as pain or startle
Spray collars of any kind, whether remote-controlled, automatic, and citronella or water-based or other
Tightening harnesses, i.e. harnesses that tighten around the chest or abdomen when a dog pulls
Cloth or mesh muzzle, or any muzzle that restricts breathing and/or panting (only safe basket muzzles should be used when necessary)
Pet Corrector, Dog Stop or similar devices (sonic devices which release pressurised air, citronella spray or other)
Anti-bark collars of any type
Training discs, or any similar training item designed to startle and interrupt
Any type of water or liquid spray, e.g. citronella
Any commercial or home-made device emitting a loud noise e.g. rattle cans or bottles containing stones
The throwing of keys, chains, sticks, or any other item
Strong olfactory repellent substances, e.g. smelling salts, bite back, chilli (or other capsaicin containing substance), pepper, lemon, etc.

Any other device, training aid or piece of equipment the Academy deems inappropriate or unethical.  

Prohibited Methods:
Shouting, growling, or making a confrontational noise, towards a dog(s)
Pinching of ears, feet, toes or any other part of a dog’s body
Jerking of any lead, collar, harness, head collar
Hitting, prodding, pushing, shoving, jabbing a dog
Biting a dog
Pinning a dog down in an ‘alpha roll’
Punitive physical contact of any kind, as well as intimidation or coercion or any action that causes fear
Any aversive or punitive manhandling causing discomfort, distress and/or pain

Once you become a member, every month in Tech For Trainers you will get…
30 social media templates
Access to a library of short tutorials
5 x 40min Get ‘Sit’ Done sessions per week
1 x 40min private Zoom sessions each month
1 x 60-min group Clicker Training session per month  
Access to a private Facebook community  

YES! In three ways:

You’ll be more confident about and focused on pricing, promoting, and selling your 121s, classes and workshops thanks to the weekly Get Sit Done sessions and support from your fellow ethical dog training professionals.

You’ll have more time to train, work and compete with your own dogs which will help you to showcase your training skills and ‘get your name out there’, thanks to the time management tutorials and monthly social media prompts.

You’ll know how to use technology such as social media to promote your business, email marketing to keep in touch with your regular clients, and online calendars and website systems to streamline client booking, thanks to the monthly Clicker Training sessions. 

Would you like to have more clients?
Would you like to have more time to train your own dogs?
Would you like to charge more?
Would you like to set better boundaries and streamline client communications?
Would you like to offer more online services?
Would you like to have other ethical dog training professionals to discuss ideas and problems with?
Do you feel confident taking your business to its next level?

Yes?  Then yes, Tech For Trainers is for you. 

One of the main issues I know dog trainers face is finding time to work on their business, rather than in it. But that does not mean I am not going come over to your house, tie you to your desk and make you access the membership materials.  

I have created Tech For Trainers so you can earn more money from your ethical dog training business while also finding a better work-life balance.  

I want to assure you that I 100% know what it’s like to be a time-poor, self-employed, small business owner with clients to serve, admin to manage, CPD courses to complete, dog training dreams to live up to, and a busy home life.  

So, while my background is in PR, marketing and social media, I will be including all my top time management tips, tricks and tools in TFT to help you MAKE more time. I’m all about streamlining, using technology and templates, and focussing time and energy on the activities that will make the biggest difference to the bottom line.  

And what I do know, is that if you can take just one thing from the membership each month you will have more than covered your monthly membership fee. Whether that’s a new connection, a tutorial, joining me on a Clicker Training call, getting focused in a Get Sit Done session, or getting a super-speedy solution to a problem inside our member's community.

PLUS you will have access to the tutorial videos for life, so you will be able to dip into those as and when you need them. 

You'd think so yes! But Tech For Trainers is a unique membership where your competitors will become your greatest allies and you'll truly learn the value of collaboration over competition.

 I've seen some incredible collaborations and friendships formed through my client’s businesses, such as the Gundog Trainers Academy, and I know that the overall passion for ethical dog training will help ignite and sustain an amazing community spirit.  

Fellow force-free dog trainers are not your competition, they are by your side 24/7 to cheer you on, share advice and tips, help you in the dark times and celebrate your wins with you. 

I offer ethical, force-free dog training…
I offer puppy home visits…  
I offer 121 dog training…  
I offer group classes and workshops…  
I specialise in gundog training…  
I specialise in agility and hoopers…  
I specialise in scentwork…  
I specialise in ring and rally…  
I offer online dog training…  
I offer anything else related to ethical dog training…  ….is this for me?  


If you offer one or a combination of those things you are a dog training professional and Tech For Trainers is here to help you grow your business while enjoying the work that you do (because working for yourself should be a joy, not a chore).  

Sole trader, self-employed, partnership, limited business – however you’ve structured your business – if you teach dog owners how to train their dogs using force-free methods, you ARE a professional dog trainer! 

While I am confident you won't want to leave, I know this is probably on your mind. I have a simple policy which is that you can leave at any time. The cancellation process is simple and easy to do in your account. 

Join Tech For Trainers Today....

Still on the fence? Not sure if it's right for you and your business? Book in a discovery call and we can talk through all of your questions. And don't worry, if I don't think you will benefit from being a member I'll tell you straight... Click Here To Book A Call.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent the membership and its potential. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using the membership, ideas and techniques. This is not a get rich scheme. Your level of success depends on the time you devote to the membership, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills, and actions. Since these factors differ according to the individual no guarantee is given of your success or income level.